At Robert Ford Electric, we have long been recognized for integrity, reliability and performance; and we continually strive to maintain these standards. Our craftsmanship, careful management of time and resources, ability to finish projects on schedule, and dedicated employees provide a high degree of professionalism that clients have come to expect. Industrial facilities, historical renovations, office buildings, high rise complexes, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, automobile centers, restaurants, and fast food chains - our knowledge and expertise in these and other areas enable us to remain a leader in our field. We are positioned to do the very large and difficult projects as well as small ones.

Robert Ford Electric Company's years of experience in the industrial and commercial construction fields enable us to know what specific requirements and codes apply to any project's unique demands. Our experienced in-house personnel are able to prepare guaranteed maximum cost proposals strictly from sketch drawings and criteria specifications, rather than your having to wait for final engineered drawings. Overall, this results in enormous time savings over competitive bid projects, affording the end user considerable economies. We develop all of our design drawings in-house. We can provide fixed price electrical construction costs at the outset of a project based only on specific criteria and definitive qualifications or after bid documents have been issued.We also "re-design" projects that initially exceed their budget so that the job does not have to be "shelved." Numerous projects have been saved in this fashion.

We approach all of our projects as a team member working closely with the owners, architects, construction managers, and other trades, to help meet budget requirements from the very beginning. Our knowledge of the mechanical systems, such as HVAC, sprinkler and plumbing, enable us to not only work closely with these contractors, but to offer our input to the final coordinated design. Again, this often provides the owner with additional savings in both capital and operating costs.

We are able to provide a construction management concept to many of our projects. We do this by bringing together a team of "hand picked" electrical subcontractors who, while working under our direction and supervision, make the commitment to provide cost efficient, quality work. In today's environment, time is money and we are dedicated to meeting the toughest schedules.

With many of our projects being design build, we are brought into a project at the inception & our construction management concept enables us to offer the most competitive pricing while our customers receive the service and quality they rightly expect & deserve.

For example, one of the major problems encountered in successfully completing larger projects is the fire alarm and control/security systems. To better assist our many clients, we have created a separate, new entity that is prepared and capable of finishing such tasks at the most competitive prices.

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